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Sample Presentations below:

  • Overview and Basics of Florida Native Plants for Landscaping
  • Integrating Florida Native Plants into Your Yard
  • Maintaining Florida Native Plants in Your Yard
  • Using Florida Native Plants for Problem Areas in Your Yard
  • What is a Florida Native Plant? Their Importance and Uses.
  • Florida Native Wildlife Needs Florida Native Plants
  • What Pollinators Use Florida Native Plants
  • Florida Habitats and Their Native Plants

Plant Selection

When selecting a plant choose the “Right Plant for the Right Place”, that is, match the plant’s needs with the existing yard conditions for success.  Some  examples to consider are sun/shade, wet soil moisture/dry sandy soil,  mature size.

Florida Native Plants
Florida Wildflowers
Florida Wildflower Seeds

The following list of favorite natives was compiled by Jake Ingram, Landscape Architect in 2013. These plants (68 in total with 24 “favorites” marked with *) are all inhabitants of upland sites in Florida and, with three or four exceptions, are native to NE Florida counties, USDA Zones 8B & 9A.



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Native Plant Identification

Atlas of Florida Vascular Plants covers over 4,700 species of native or naturalized plants in Florida. FloraQuest is an Interactive dichotomous key by the University of North Carolina Herbarium.

Alan Weakley's Flora of the Southern and Mid-Atlantic States

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Where To Buy Florida Native Plants

Plant Real Florida:

Where To See Florida Native Plants

  • Native Parks 1 & 2, 3312 Park Street, Jacksonville, FL
  • Seminole County Natural Lands
  • Native Gardens and Natural Areas

Environmental Organizations

  • Exotic Invasive Species
  • Florida Natural Areas Inventory
  • Archbold Biological Station
  • Florida Native Plant Society
  • The Nature Conservancy
  • Audubon Florida
  • Florida Wildflower Foundation
The mission of the Florida Native Plant Society is to promote the preservation, conservation, and restoration of the native plants and native plant communities of Florida.