Speakers Available For Your Group – Adults or Children

Speakers for your groupSample presentations
by Ixia members: 

  • Overview and Basics of Florida Native Plants for Landscaping
  • Integrating Florida Native Plants into Your Yard
  • Maintaining Florida Native Plants in Your Yard
  • Using Florida Native Plants for Problem Areas in Your Yard
  • What is a Florida Native Plant? Their Importance and Uses.
  • Florida Native Wildlife Needs Florida Native Plants
  • What Pollinators Use Florida Native Plants
  • Florida Habitats and Their Native Plants
  • Bird Habitats

Send an email to make arrangements. 

Why Natives PowerPointIf you would like to make a presentation on your own to your homeowners association (HOA), garden club, or other group, you may download this presentation for free from the FNPS website. Why Native Landscapes are Important. (It downloads as a pdf, but there is an embedded link to the PowerPoint.)

It includes a script that you can read that runs for about ten minutes. This makes the case for why natives are important even in HOAs. 

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Green Gardening Matters blog by Ixia member, Ginny Stibolt. 

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Tips for How to Transplant & Propagate Native Plants for the Plant Sale

The mission of the Florida Native Plant Society is to promote the preservation, conservation, and restoration of the native plants and native plant communities of Florida.