06/21/2019: At the June 18 meeting Dr. Rachel Mallinger (assistant professor in the Department of Entomology and Nematology at the University of Florida) presented a talk on “Conserving Our Native Florida Bees”. The links below display some of the information she presented including the best native plants for attracting bees.




Bill Berthet, regional naturalist and international authority on butterflies takes the River Friendly Yard Contest judges for the St. Johns Riverkeeper on a tour of his Julington Creek home. Ixia Chapter of the Florida Native Plant Society participated in judging along with Earth Works that is providing the winner a $500 gift certificate. If you did not enter this year consider doing so in 2020! To view more finalists' videos visit --->…






Below is a press release about and photo of Ginny Stibolt, a member of FNPS local chapter Ixia, who recently received a prestigious award and honor from the state Society at their recent Annual Conference.  We are very proud of her!

Clay County resident Ginny Stibolt is a botanist, a native plant enthusiast and has authored or co-authored five popular gardening books. She was recently honored at the 39th Florida Native Plant Society’s Annual Conference with the prestigious Presidents Award. The accompanying photo by Gail Taylor shows her with the framed print she was presented at the Saturday banquet to acknowledge the generosity and support she has given to the Society for many years. 

The Society, FNPS, works on many levels to help promote Florida native plants and conserve and preserve Florida’s natural and native areas.  This includes individual efforts, chapter projects, and statewide initiatives.  The Society interacts with governments across the state to promote policies that support Florida's native plant heritage and actively supports conservation practices through education.

 Ginny is an active member of Ixia, the local Northeast Florida FNPS chapter, where she is a frequent speaker and has served as representative to the state council. She dedicates much of her time giving presentations and workshops across the state to promote the Society’s mission and the preservation of natural Florida.  She was also the co-creator of the FNPS blog, Twitter, and the FNPS page on Facebook, which now has more than 24,000 followers.

Juliet Rynear, FNPS Executive Director, accompanied the honor with these words: “We cannot overstate the importance of having an ambassador like Ginny!  But she gives much more than her time to our Society.  She also donates a portion of her royalties from her books, which are enjoyed by so many Floridians seeking to bring natural Florida into their home and commercial landscapes.”

Published on  21.06.2019